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Do you want to discover Rome and the secrets of its history, its monuments, its people? Do you want to fill part of this city, do you want to be for a moment, Julius Caesar or Cleopatra, do you want to fall in love with the sensation that Rome gives to its citizen who are in love with it? Do you want to get lost in the tastes of the food eaten in the most spectacular corners of the city? Last but not least do you want to keep in your hart and in your eyes the memory of thi incredible journey for te rest of your life? If all this reasons reflect your desires you have found your guide. My name is Michela Mancini. I'm an official licenced Tour Guide of Rome. I have studied art at the university. I'm true roman, born, raised and educated in the eternal city, beside a short break when I lived in Boston to improve my english. You already understend I am guide for passion, I am totally in love with my city an the way it seduces me and my hart. My passion for Rome, to narrate, to meet people from all over the world and to have friends, make me get up every morning with the smile. Do you want me to be your guide and walk you into this passionate journey?

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